9:00 AM09:00

Labor Support Workshop

This 4-hour "crash course" will prepare you and your partner for childbirth. This class is best for couples who have given birth before and are looking for a refresher, those with a history of rapid labors, and those with limited time to take a comprehensive course. Learn about normal labor, coping strategies, and empowered communication with providers.

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6:30 PM18:30

Birth Matters! Natural Childbirth Education

This 6-session series will be held weekly, beginning on April 4 and ending on May 9. This course is appropriate for: first-time parents; parents planning an out-of-hospital birth; parents who have taken hospital-based childbirth education & are looking for something more; and anyone interested in learning about natural, physiologic birth.

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7:00 PM19:00

You're Pregnant! Now What?

This early pregnancy course will help couples make evidence-based decisions like, "Who will care for my baby during pregnancy, birth and beyond?", "Where should I give birth?", and "What are my options if I've had a prior Cesarean delivery?" Extensive resources for pregnancy, birth and postpartum will be shared.

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