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I have been teaching my entire adult life, beginning as a graduate student and continuing in my faculty position at Washington State University. I taught classes on child development, parent-child relationships, family relations, and program development. I loved teaching, and I was constantly updating my classes and searching for new ways to motivate students and to help them see the relevance of what I was teaching. When I left my full-time faculty position (I still teach the occasional class at WSU), I knew I would miss teaching the most. Fortunately, I soon realized the need for independent childbirth educators in our community. I discovered Lamaze International shortly into my new career as a birth doula, and I became a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator in 2013. I teach both a comprehensive childbirth preparation course (“Birth Matters”) and a 4-hour Labor Support Workshop.

Birth Matters: Comprehensive, Unbiased Childbirth Education - $250

  • This 6-session, 12-hour course is appropriate for: first-time parents; parents planning an out-of-hospital birth; parents who have taken hospital-based childbirth education & are looking for something more; and anyone interested in learning about natural, physiologic birth.

  • Discounts are available to current doula clients, women on Medicaid, single mothers, mothers age 20 and younger, and those in recovery.

  • Classes are held at the Uma Center in Moscow

  • Childbirth education is an allowable expense for many Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts

After this course, you will

Doula Moscow Pullman Lewiston Childbirth Classes Lamaze
  • Have confidence in your body's ability to give birth

  • Understand the physiology of labor & be able to identify emotional and environmental factors that  enhance or impede this natural process

  • Learn to identify your values & needs as they relate to the birth process

  • Communicate effectively with your care provider & other members of your birth "team"

  • Learn physical and cognitive coping strategies proven to be effective at increasing comfort during labor

  • Understand the risks, benefits and alternatives to the use of pain medications during labor

  • Learn how to avoid medically unnecessary interventions

  • Appreciate the importance of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth, and how to successfully initiate breastfeeding

  • Make a postpartum plan that includes intentions for managing visitors, meals, sleep and self-care after you give birth

  • Identify risk factors for and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders, and know where to go for help if you experience them

Labor Support Workshop - $120

This 4-hour class is designed for couples who have already taken a comprehensive childbirth education course (during the current pregnancy or in a previous one) and would like a refresher on strategies for increasing comfort during labor, or for those couples with limited time.

This hands-on workshop focuses on the Lamaze Healthy Birth practices. We will discuss the stages and phases of normal labor, with an emphasis on what successful coping looks like in each phase. We will practice comfort measures ranging from breathing, massage and touch, and mindfulness to the use of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and the rebozo. We will also cover strategies for back labor and tools for encouraging optimal fetal positioning.

This class is most appropriate for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters. 


“I am confident that without her guidance, knowledge, and kindness that I would not have delivered vaginally; my hope and vision in delivery.  ”

- Kate Sherrill


“When we met for the first time, we were impressed with her calm, professional yet personable demeanor.”

- Jennifer Kaufman


“With Nicole's gentle and unwavering support our daughter was born via successful VBAC. I am so thankful for Nicole and the services she provided!”

- Erika May